Werewolf-Vampire WIP

May 18, 2010

Here’s something I’ve been doodling on-and-off for a few days. It’s an idea I had for a children’s story where a little girl, May, chronicles a story about her growing friendship with the new neighbor girl, June (these names are just temporary placeholders). June’s family’s habits are strange and alien to her (and to everyone else, really). They include a certain love for rare red meat, a real excitement for car rides and unnaturally sharp hearing. Then one day, through some chance occurrence, May discovers that her new friend is in fact a werewolf! June had kept her family’s true identity secret because she wasn’t sure if they would be accepted for what they are.

There’s a little twist at this point: May reveals that her family are vampires! So they both bond over their unusual families.

I’m going to shrink their limbs a bit and make them appear younger. June is going to look a little more feminine- maybe a bow in her hair or something. I love feedback, so feel free to leave a comment!

What a toothy grin you have there!


Hark! An art blog

May 6, 2010

It’s always kind of a daunting thing to have so much blank space ahead of you, swelling with the promise of many future blog posts. What to say?

As this is a first post, I’ll keep this pretty short and sweet. My name is Pat(ricia) and I’m an illustrator trying to ply my trade during a pretty awful economic depression (I bet you’re probably hating me for reminding you of it already! First impressions are the best, aren’t they?). I created this to showcase some of the art I do, both personal and professional, and to communicate with other artists and people who enjoy pretty pictures. I’m not really planning on taking this too seriously, either, so you don’t have to worry about this being incredibly dry or boring.

Pretty simple. So bear with me while I learn the ways of blogging! It should be fun.

What's that baseball bat for, lady?